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Andy Dumbell of Control F1 accepts the City of York Council APPtitude Award
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By Brendan Tannam
Two years ago, Apple announced that its App Store had its 15 Billionth App Downloaded. By May last year that figure had leapt to 50 billion. At this time, when the app market reaches ever higher levels of growth in an increasingly competitive market, Innovate York was proud to deliver a brand new addition to this year’s Venturefest Yorkshire: APPtitude.  
APPtitude aspired to develop quality apps that would meet participating organisation’s needs, promote the city’s fast growing technology scene and demonstrate the future of application technology in York. Innovate York also saw it as a way... Read more
No Boundaries 2014 - York
Reflections from No Boundaries 2014 held in York and Bristol 25 to 26 February 2014
As always the event itself was beautifully orchestrated by Pilot Theatre (in York) and the combination of conversations between Bristol and York added a richness to the Symposium which I haven't experienced before. (I did wish that we had a chance to wave to each other at the beginning and end of the day though, face to face is always a good way to build relationships, and the child in me still thinks it's magical to be able to wave to someone live from hundreds of miles away :) ). It's great to see us pushing... Read more
Event delegates
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By Brendan Tannam
Having focused on meeting the current and future needs of our more mature residents in many of our GeniUS! challenges to date, the latest challenge saw the Innovate York team seek better ways to work with young people in York.
GeniUS! Youth saw us working in partnership with the York Integrated Youth Support Services in City of York Council and the York Youth Sector Partnership.  In many ways this challenge felt like a passing of the baton for the Innovate York team. Over the past 18 months and especially through challenges 5, 6 and 7 we have honed the three P’s of the GeniUS! process – Post... Read more
Delegate posting feedback comments on a wall
Contemplating the topic for my first blog of the year I began to think that I wanted to write about something exciting, engaging, hard-hitting who knows maybe even heart-warming. Banish the January blues with something light-hearted and entertaining I thought. Why in God’s name have I chosen to write about Metrics then! Well I have done so for 3 main reasons; firstly, over the last 16 months of delivering Innovate York, it’s vital to communicate that the programme has been a worthwhile investment of City of York Council money for the citizens of York; secondly it gives us scope to do more... Read more
Break out URBACT conference
We are back after an intensive three day meetup with the URBACT family; a network of 700 cities all working with an ambition to build success in their cities through sharing good practice and learning from each other.
City of York won the opportunity to lead on 'GeniUS! Open', a project to share our GeniUS! York approach of harnessing the creativity and imagination of everyone around us, to co-develop future improvements to our city.  This was as a result of the proactive-ness of Ian Graham, Head of Innovation at the City of York Council and council lead on the Innovate York programme, (the... Read more