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TV Facilities at Heslington Studios in York
This month we have fulfilled a long-held ambition to have a local TV channel for York. In these days of new media and on demand content of every kind streamed direct to devices on the move, why would we want to have a television channel? We asked York residents this question 2 years ago when we first looked at the opportunity and discovered that there is a real appetite for scheduled local content and a way of really connecting with local news, events and stories.
One&Other, those pioneers of new local media are the obvious partners for The York Channel, and with thousands of students... Read more
A still image from the Tuning Into Dementia film
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By Brendan Tannam
Let’s start with some sobering thoughts and statistics. I realise this is not an ideal way to entice people to read on but when it comes to a topic like dementia the scale of the problem is a harsh reality that we have to face. Bear with me though as this is also a heart-warming story of a brilliant local project that is greatly contributing to making York a more dementia friendly place.
The truth is dementia is one of the greatest crises in our society that is only getting worse as the UK’s ageing population continues to grow. Currently 800,000 people are living with a diagnosis of the... Read more
Innovation Made Real delegates
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By Brendan Tannam
On Tuesday 5th of November Innovation Made Real took place at City of York Council West Offices. The event took place across the council's West Offices and the depot at Hazel Court.
So what was Innovation Made Real all about? It was a day long event which combined inspirational innovation speakers with facilitated workshops. There were over 60 Council staff in attendance from the Extended Council Leadership Group which is made up of senior managers from across the Directorates.
The three key messages that we wanted to permeate the morning were:

Innovation is accessible for everyone;

The... Read more
The University of York's Ron Cooke Hub and York St John University's De Grey Court
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By Nicola Spence
Universities should play a bigger role in driving growth and should be more accessible to smaller businesses, according to a government-commissioned review by Sir Andrew Witty which reported last week. Sir Andrew, chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline and Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, believes that universities are essential to driving economic growth, but that there is scope for them to play a bigger role. In particular, universities and their research base should be at the heart of local growth strategies, building on areas of existing local strength.
He likens Universities... Read more
Innovate York Stand, featuring the Innovation Ninja.
In the current economic climate with public sector budgets being cut and demand for quality services increasing, there has never been a more crucial time for councils to develop relationships with their citizens and through those relationships to innovate WITH residents and businesses to improve services.
Many councils are at the frontline of public sector innovation in places like Manchester and Monmouthshire as well as here in York! Investment in innovation can help to save money in the long run and see some real positive social changes, however often the impact of new innovations often... Read more