Vote for York's Best GeniUS! Ideas on Transport and Environment
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Residents, small businesses and innovators in York inundated the GeniUS! 'open innovation' forum with great ideas on how footfall and transport in the city could be used innovatively to generate income and improve the environment last month.

Created by City of York Council and Science City York, GeniUS! is the city's first community based online forum and has attracted well over 3,000 views, 200 members, nearly 300 followers on twitter and 150 inspired suggestions since launching in January to find and fund new and innovative ways for the city to meet some of its key challenges.

"How can footfall and transport be used innovatively to generate income and improve environmental sustainability in the City?" - one of the four initial challenges posted on the site - attracted by far the biggest number of responses.

A workshop was held last Thursday to undertake the difficult task of whittling down the huge number and variety of suggestions to ten ideas with the greatest potential, attended by the contributors, council experts in sustainability and transport and members of Science City York.

But now GeniUS! wants everyone's help in deciding which three of the ten they think should be taken forward by the council and brought to life for the city under the GeniUS! scheme. Once a plan to develop the idea has been agreed, the council has committed to making it happen.

People can choose the ideas they would like to see implemented by visiting to find out more about the ten shortlisted suggestions and hitting 'reply' with their choice of the top three by Friday 6 April 2012. Once the votes are counted and the winning ideas selected, the council will work with the contributor, interested parties and experts to implement the solutions. Alternatively, people can visit the site to read about the ten shortlisted suggestions and send an email to with their top three selections.

To see the top ten and vote for your favourite, click here.